Escape from the Abyss

The Yeomanry League

The Stranger awakes in the fortified town of Farvale along the north west edge of the Yeomanry, along the base of the Crystalmist mountains.

He and his tribal rescuer, Bear make for the capital Loftwick, where the Stranger meets Quinton and a mysterious benefactor with unique abilities and a vast fortune. The Benefactor reaches out to the Stranger when Quinton is beaten and arrested by the town guard without explanation. The Benefactor request the Stranger’s aid to assist one of his agents in freeing Quinton from the jail and fleeing west to Longspear where agents of the Benefactor’s guild can hide Quinton from the forces that wish to do him harm.

Once in Longspear, The Stanger meets Captain Kirby, the senior member of the guild and owner of the River Run tavern. Captain Kirby confides in the Stranger of a coup in the Hold of the Sea Princes undertaken by the mysterious Scarlet Brotherhood. Unnerved by the brotherhood’s boldness Captain Kirby seeks the Stranger’s aid in curious happenings in Longspear.



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