Escape from the Abyss

Welcome to the Marsh

Sinister Secrets

The Stranger and company arrive in the fishing and shipping town of Saltmarsh to investigate the origin of Longspear’s new selected treasurer Garrit Loften. Their inquiries amongst the townsfolk and merchants eventually lead them to the town council, the council of six.
The six council members represent the significant town interests, Fishing/Shipping (Piracy) Senga Gunn, Law Enforcement/Justice Farthroy Hrebthurd, Property/Taxes Tikan Timertikos, Trade/Commerce, Tormont Lassiter, Infrastructure/Utilities Mercule Aerakin, and Spirtual/Mystical guide Sovaile Makaster.
The Council offers little information on the individual in question, but suggest they may be able to find out if the party investigates an abandoned property three miles outside the city walls, The council wishes to annex the property for the town but in order to satisfy the bureaucracy must have the Mansion and grounds investigated in order to proceed.
During their investigation the party discovers that the Mansion has been staged to appear haunted for the purposes of deterring curious folk from the location, an Illusionist and a band of thieves have set up a smugglers den in the basement of the mansion working in coordination with Pirates for the purposes of smuggling fine or illicit goods into Saltmarsh without taxes or seizure.
The party defeats the smugglers and notifies the Council of their findings; Senga Gunn surmises that the party has only uncovered one aspect of the smuggling operation, without discovering or eliminating the Ship itself the smugglers will simply set up a new location to work from. The Stranger informs Ms. Gunn that such work is not why they arrived in Saltmarsh and inquires about the Council’s investigation into their mysterious new Treasurer in Longspear, the Mysterious Garrit Loften.
Torment Lassiter informs the party that Mr. Loften served as the 2nd to only Mantifer Panitker in House Panitker’s Merchants Guild. Mr. Loften was forced from the guild when he was overzealous with some of his own smuggling operations. The council failed to understand any connection between Mr. Loften and the Scarlett Brotherhood, but they themselves admit they don’t know where Loften came from prior to his work for the Panitker Guild.
The Council requests the party aid them in eliminating the Smuggler’s shipping aspect of their operation promising a substantial reward for the capture or elimination of the perpetrating ship and crew.



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